Legacy Peltiers - (Melcor, Supercool, Laird)

Melcor was acquired by Laird in October 2005. Melcor was a leading peltier manufacturer since the 1960s. Melcor was at the forefront in providing high quality, high reliability thermoelectric modules and cooling systems for aerospace, scientific and medical applications.

Supercool was acquired by Laird in December 2006. Supercool was a leading provider of custom designed thermoelectric assemblies. Supercool’s products were used in a diverse range of applications in the telecommunications, medical, food & beverage, electronics and automotive industries.

Laird acquired Nextreme in February 2013. Nextreme Thermal Solutions, Inc. (“Nextreme”), was a US based developer of thin-film thermoelectric technologies. Nextreme’s micro-scale form factors, high power-pumping capabilities and a high-volume semiconductor manufacturing process enabled low-cost, high-performance thermal management and energy harvesting solutions. Thin-film peltiers are still an emerging technology that is suited to high volume applications requiring hundreds of thousands of pieces per year”

We can offer some legacy parts from these old manufacturers ranges as detailed below: