About Us

Our Company

Thermo Electric Devices LTD was founded in 1967 to supply Thermoelectric (Peltier) devices into the UK market. We have been the sole UK distributors for Melcor (a US manufacturer) & now Laird Technologies (a European manufacturer) since that date.

Thermo Electric Devices operate out of a purpose built 5250 square foot facility in Gloucestershire which provides sales, technical support, prototyping and R & D.

Our Team

We are experts in the field of thermoelectric cooling and thermal management applications. We can provide technical consultancy & prototyping through to full production capability.


We provide both a practical and theoretical approach to meeting our customer’s thermoelectric needs. Thermo Electric Devices are a high-tech company based at Draycott Business Centre, specialising in solid-state (Peltier effect) thermal management solutions. In addition to being the sole UK distributors for major TEC manufacturers, we design and build a wide range of custom assemblies for customers ranging from aerospace, telecoms, scientific, pharmaceutical and medical through to consumer products. We also supply a large range of related thermal management products:

  • Custom design and build of thermoelectric assemblies.
  • Custom heat sink and extrusion design and supply.
  • Consultancy and prototyping service.
  • 3D CAD design.
  • CNC machining and finishing (anodizing, alochroming & electroless nickel plating).

Product line

  • Peltiers (TEC’s, thermoelectric modules)
  • Standard and custom Thermoelectric Assemblies (TEAs) including IP68 rated.
  • High Performance Heat Sinks (Extruded, bonded fin, folded fin & customization)
  • AC & DC Fans (Axial including power fans, IP rated, backward curved)
  • Power Supplies (Linear, Switched Mode & Laboratory)
  • Temperature Controllers (OEM, Laboratory)
  • Thermoelectric Liquid Chillers / Heaters
  • Reversible Air Conditioners
  • Custom Assemblies
  • Sheet Metal Work & Finishing etc.
  • Heat sink compounds, solders, epoxies, insulation & sealants.